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Languages of Tanzania

Rubenstein Ch 5 Reading Guide

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CHAPTER 5 - - - Language: Key Issue 1 Where Are English-Language Speakers Distributed? Rubenstein, pp. 134-143 Page 134-135 Approximately ________ languages are spoken by at least _____ million people, including the ______ largest ones. The remaining __________ languages are spoken by ______ million people. Case Study on page 136. 1. What are Canada?s two official langauges? 2. What language is mainly spoken in Quebec? Why? ? ORIGIN AND DIFFUSION OF ENGLISH 3. How did English become so widely diffused? 4. What three European peoples originally came together to form the English people and English language? 5. Where did these people come from? 6. What two subsequent invasions added additional words to the evolving English language? ? DIALECTS OF ENGLISH
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