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Italian nationalism


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AP Euro Notes Sec 21-1 pp.641-657 Nalani Story The Ideologies of Change Conservative forces= in ascendancy from 1815-1830 powerful movements of change= also at work these depended on ideas embodied in a series of political philosophies or ideologies that came into their own in the 1st half of the 19 cent Liberalism Liberalism= an ideology based on belief that beople should be as free from restraint as possible Liberalism owes much to Enlightenment of the 18 cent & to American & French Revolutions. Liberalism became even more significant as the IR made rapid strides because the developing industrial middle class largely adopted the doctrine at its own Economic Liberalism = gov?t shouldn?t interfere in the workings of the economy. Primary tenet the concept of laissez-faire.
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