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Early Societies in South Asia

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 17 June 2015 Chapter 4 Outline Societies in South Asia Told by Aryans, Indra was alone Aryans were herding ppl. Who spokeIndo-Euro lang./migrated to south Asia >1500 BC Took Indra as chief deity/sang hymns in his honor War between gods/demons; gods were flagging, appointed Indra as leader, turned tide Indra brought rain to earth; fought dragon who lived in sky/hoarded waterin clouds Indra slaked thirst withsoma, hallucinogenic potion consumed by Aryan priests, attacked dragon, killed by hurling thunderbolts Dragon?s fall caused turmoil on earth/atmosphere, rains filled 7 rivers that flowed in north India/brought it to ppl. Aryans took Indra as leader against earth/heaven forces
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