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Nernst equation

AP Chemistry Zumdahl 7E Chapter 17 Notes

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1 Chapter 17 ? Electrochemistry 17.1 Galvanic Cells A. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (Redox Rxns) 1. Oxidation = loss of electrons a. the substance oxidized is the reducing agent 2. Reduction = gain of electrons a. the subtance reduced is the oxidizing agent B. Redox energy 1. Heat is produced 2. Electricity can be produced if the reactants are separated a. Reactants can be separated by a salt bridge b. Reactants can be separated by a porous partition c. Electrons travel through a wire C. Galvanic Cell 1. A device in which chemical energy is changed to electrical energy a. Oxidation occurs at the anode b. Reduction occurs at the cathode D. Cell Potential (?cell) 1. The driving force (electromotive force, emf) on the electrons 2. Potential is measured in volts
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