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76th United States Congress

Practice Test 1.9

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PRACTICE TEST 1.9 01. The first nationality excluded from immigrating to the United States was the (A) Japanese (B) Mexicans (C) Chinese (D) Haitians (E) Ottoman Turks. 02. The basic viewpoint of the U.S. Supreme court in the 1920's was to (A) Uphold the anti trust laws (B) favor the position of organized labor (C) overturn progressive laws (D) support the government involvement in business (E) refuse to consider cases involving labor disputes. 03. The American Anti-slavery movement split in 1840 largely over the issue of (A) the participation of women (B) gradual vs. immediate emancipation (C) civil rights for free blacks in the North (D) Support for the black abolitionists (E) backing for Martin Van Buren for President.
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