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Ecological economics

Living in the Environment Chapter 1 Notes

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Chapter 1 Notes Intro to Environmental Science Environment: the natural world around us, creates a complex web with humanity that cannot be separated Environmental science: a blend of natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities Goals are to learn: How nature works How the environment affects us How we affect the environment How to deal with environmental problems How to live more sustainably Ecology is a major offshoot It studies organisms and their relationships to each other and the natural world around them Different from environmentalism Environmentalism is more political and social focused than science focused Sustainability: ability of Earth?s natural systems and human cultural systems to live sufficiently for an indefinite amount of time

Campbell Biology 9th Edition - Ch. 55 Ecosystems

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Chapter 55: Ecosystems Ecosystems Ecosystem = sum of all the organisms living within its boundaries (biotic community) + abiotic factors with which they interact Involves two unique processes: Energy flow Chemical cycling Overview of energy & nutrient dynamics Energy Flow in an Ecosystem Energy cannot be recycled ? must be constantly supplied to an ecosystem (mostly by SUN) The autotrophs (?self feeders?) are the primary producers, and are usually photosynthetic (plants or algae). They use light energy to synthesize sugars and other organic compounds. Heterotrophs (?other feeders?) ? can?t make own food Heterotrophs are at trophic levels above the primary producers and depend on their photosynthetic output.
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