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REM rebound

Unit 5 AP Psychology

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UNIT 5: STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS When we are awake we are in a state of consciousness which is defined by our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings The iceberg example is used a means of explaining Freud?s theorem of the levels of consciousness- conscious, subconscious, unconscious Biological Rhythms Annual Cycles: seasonal variations (bears hibernation, seasonal affective disorder) 28 day cycles: menstrual cycle. 24 hour cycle: our circadian rhythm 90 minute cycle: sleep cycles. Circadian Rhythm Our 24 hour biological clock. Our body temperature and awareness changes throughout the day. It is best to take a test or study during your circadian peaks. Sleep Stages There are 5 identified stages of sleep. It takes about 90-100 minutes to pass through the 5 stages.
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