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Beowulf Review

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Beowulf Review Main themes: Identity: Oppression, Fate, Resurrection Heroic Code and other value systes: strength, courage, loyalty, hospitality, generosity, ceremoniousness in women, good reputation The Monster Grendel Explain why Grendel is so upset at the Danes in Herot and why he is exiled. Explain in detail what happens during Grendel?s first visit to Herot. The Arrival of the Hero How are Beowulf and his men treated when they arrive in Herot? Explain all the reasons why Beowulf came to help Hrothgar and his people? When he arrives, what does Beowulf do to show Hrothgar that he is the ?man for the job? of killing Grendel? Provide details. Unferth?s Challenge Describe Unferth?s version of Beowulf?s accomplishments.
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