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angiosperms - 240,000 species 

  • dominant for over 100 million years
  • 3 major advances - flower, broad leaves, fruits
  • flower - male/female gametophytes
    • androecium creates pollen in anther
    • gynoecium creates eggs in ovary
    • pollen makes tube into ovary >> forms embryo >> seed
  • broad leaves - collects more sunlight
    • deciduous trees - leaves drop yearly (goes into dormant period)
  • fruits - seed package >> attracts pollinators
    • digested by animals >> dropped in feces (adds nutrients)
  • monocots - 1 cotyledon (seed leaf)
    • parallel veins in leaves
    • scattered vascular bundles
    • monosculate pollen
    • adventitious roots
    • floral parts in multiples of 3
  • dicots - 2 cotyledons, more woody than monocots
    • netted veins in leaves
    • vascular bundles in rings
    • tricolpate pollen
    • primary/adventitious roots
    • floral parts in multiples of 4, 5
Subject X2: 

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