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Choosing the Right College for You

When you choose a college, it will probably be the biggest decision you’ve made in your life up until that point. Few decisions cause teenagers as much anguish as deciding where to continue their education. It’s a choice that must be considered very carefully, as it can make a big impact on your future.

The first thing to note is that choosing a college shouldn’t be rushed. Ideally you should begin the process of college selection as soon as possible.

You should think about what you’d like to major in. A lot of students enter college with their major undecided, but if you have a good idea of what you’d like to study or your ideal future career then you can use that information to help you decide where to go. Some colleges specialize in certain fields of study. If you figure out what you want to study, then you can aim for a college with a great reputation in that field.

Figuring out the setting that you’d like to spend your college years in is also important. Remember you have to live there! Some people want to be in the big city, and others prefer to be out in the countryside. There are plenty of options in between too, so you can choose exactly what suits you. You might also like to consider the distance from home. Some of us like to be fairly close by…others like to be as far away as possible!

Sadly a college education is a particularly expensive investment, and costs will have to be carefully considered when you make your decision. Most likely you will be limited by what you or your family can afford. If you are looking for help with funding then you will be limited by availability of scholarships too.

The most important thing to consider, however, is which college you will realistically be admitted to. Most students apply for a few dream schools, a few schools that they are likely to get into, and one safety school that they feel very sure they will be admitted to. It’s vital to apply for a full range, despite any stand out qualities you feel your application has, as you never know what criteria the admissions board will put the most weight on.

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