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Cite Websites the Right Way

How to cite a site. Sounds like a tongue twister of sorts, but its an important asset for your bibliography.

The following is a very simplistic, easy to use guide on how to properly cite websites. You can break down three different styles on how to do this, and they are as follows: MLA style, APA style, and Chicago style. The style you’ll use depends on your school or university, and some of them will permit any of the above citation styles simultaneously. If there are certain bits of information that aren’t available, you simply include what information is available, adhering as closely as possible to the above styles.

The following formats are used:

Author*. (Date of Publication*). Title of Webpage. Month day, and year you visited the site, from URL.

Author*. “Title of Page.” Title of Website. URL (Date you visited the site).

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