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How to prepare for college interviews

Preparing for your college interviews is incredibly important. They are a vital part of the admissions process for many colleges. Your interviews are the first time your college admissions board will truly get an idea of the type of person you are. There’s only so much that test scores and a written statement can tell you about a human being. For the rest, you really have to meet.

You should stay very calm and relaxed before your college interview. I know it’s not easy to do in such a nerve-wracking situation, but it’s important that you let your true self shine through. We’re never quite ourselves when we are all worked up in a nervous state. If you are very nervous during your interview, the admissions board will help you try to relax. They are used to meeting people who are exceptionally nervous. You should try to talk slowly and confidently. Avoid rushing. Just take your time with every answer. Don’t be afraid to take a few seconds to think carefully before you respond, rather than letting the first thing that comes to mind spill out of your mouth. Just don’t take too long!

Make sure to bring any paperwork you might need. It’s always wise to carry a paper copy of your application form with you. You should also bring printed samples of any past work that you’ve done that might support your application. You should also research the college thoroughly. Try to know everything there is to know about that particular institution. College admissions boards want to know that you truly want to go to college there. They want to see real motivation. Just like anyone else, they don’t want to be your second or even third choice. Even if that happens to be the case, hide it!

You should always have at least three well-prepared and intelligent questions to ask in the interview. If you have more then it’s even better. As long as your questions are well thought out and relevant, there’s really no limit to the number you can ask. You should ask about college life, the courses, financial aid and other serious matters. Make sure you prepare to give a good first impression. Always dress to impress. You don’t have to wear a suit for most colleges, but it’s essential to dress neatly and cleanly. Lastly, the most important preparation you can make is to have a positive mindset. You should be quietly confident, and humbly expect to succeed.

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