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Should You Start at Community College?

It's something that a lot of people wonder about. What if they get a two-year degree at a community college and then move up to a four-year college? Whether you should do that depends largely on the colleges.

Some four-year institutions are picky about what courses they will accept from a two-year institution, which means that you might have to take some courses that you otherwise wouldn’t have had to take. Make sure before you enroll in classes whose credits are transferable to a few four-year colleges that you are considering attending, and then verify that with the four-year schools. Get it in writing if you can.

On the up side, two-year colleges are often less expensive, some of the courses are easier, and they might be able to keep you closer to home. These are all benefits for most people, especially if they are on a budget or had some academic trouble in high school. Doing well in a two-year college after high school problems can make a four-year college take you much more seriously.

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