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Writing Your Resume: Making Yourself Look Good

Obtaining a job as a student is a difficult task, and it is made to be an even greater challenge when you consider that most students don’t have extensive experience or qualifications. Your typical high school student might have some related classes or volunteering experience, but that’s generally about it- not exactly the stellar resume that one hopes to be able to submit with an application.

Because of this many people artificially inflate their resume. Though not technically “lying”, per say, making yourself out to be something that you’re not is a quick way to get yourself scratched off the potential list of new hires, regardless of where you applied.

Employers can see through the junk and garbage that many people put on their resume to look good. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make yourself look like a star, it just means that you can’t outright lie to do so. For example:

  • One way to make yourself look better is to tout your academic prowess – You don’t even have to have excellent grades or have made the honor roll. Your employer won’t have the time or desire to double check your high school grades, so as long as you remain truthful you can build yourself up a bit.
  • One way that I have used before is to highlight an academic area that I am particularly good at. For me, that has always been English and Language Arts. So, on my resume, I pointed that out with lines like “Currently maintaining an excellent grade in my English 30 class, with an average of 91%” or “Achieving an excellent average in my high school English classes”.
  • As far as my employer was concerned I was doing great in English. They had no idea that I was nearly failing Math and Physics, and they didn’t need to either.
  • You can increase your appeal by pointing out your relevant accomplishments – If you are applying for a position at a sporting goods store, mentioning the fact that you are on the high school football and track and field teams makes you look more appealing, as you are able to actively relate to the clients that will be interacting with you should you get the job.
  • Mention your availability – If you can offer good availability, letting your employer know before they even meet you can do wonders for your appeal. Knowing that they can count on you every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.
  • Use the right amount of personality and sarcasm in your resume – Employers are still people, and if you can make them laugh you are way ahead of any other applicants.

All of the above are ways to make yourself look better without having to lie about anything. Once you get the job you can rest easy with a clear conscience, and you’ll never have to worry about your employer finding out that you lied to them.

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