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foundations timeline

AP World History Foundations Timeline

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FOUNDATIONS TIMELINE 460,000 BP 1st use of fire, China 100,000 BP Homo sapiens sapiens, Africa 45,000 BP 1st rock art, Australia 10,500 BCE 1st pottery vessels, Japan 9000 BCE Beginning of farming, Middle East 7500 BCE Migrations over Bering Land Bridge 6500 BCE Grain farming, Europe Earliest metallurgy, Middle East 6250 BCE Catul Hayuk at peak (one of earliest cities- Anatolia- Turkey) 6000 BCE Millet farming, China 5000 BCE Domestication of maize in New World and cattle in Sahara 4300 BCE Cotton cultivated in Mexico 4000 BCE 1st Temple pyramids, Peru Introduction of plow 3300 BCE Invention of writing, Mesopotamia 3100 BCE 1st Pharoah of Egypt 3000 BCE Introduction of bronze tools
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