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Notable Geographers

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NOTABLE GEOGRAPHERS de Blij - pg # BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE THEORY IMPORTANCE OF MODEL ADDITIONAL NOTES DRAW THE MODEL OR GIVE EXAMPLES Borchert, John Unit: Urban pg # Evolution of American Metropolises based on Transportation: 1 ? sail & wagon, 2 ? iron horse, 3 ? steel rail, 4 ? auto-air, 5 ? high tech Uses transportation as key to development of urban areas Boserup, Esther Unit: Rural Land Use pg # Boserup Thesis Stage 1 forest-fallow, Stage 2 bush- fallow, Stage 3 fallow shortens Stage 4 annual cropping Stage 5 multi-cropping Faced with increasing population, extensive subsistence farmers will shift to more intensive cultivation ? increased productivity makes up for the loss of soil
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