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Water Quality

Doing Biodiversity

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Biolab Response Sheet Name: Date: 15th Jan 2015 Name of Bio lab: Assessing Water Quality Page: Unit: Biodiversity and Conservation Brief Description of Your Procedure: Summarize what you did for this activity. Describe any modifications of procedure you used. I used the pipette to dispense three drops of carbonic acid into the aquarium. Then I looked at the pH level and the population data and recorded them. Analyze and Conclude Questions Question 1

Schistosomes and Dams

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APES Chapter 14 ? Water Resources Fresh water is one of the main ?needs? in life. Humans engineer their surroundings to make this resource readily available. Read the two passages about the problems, the unforeseen consequences that happened when a dam was built to control the Nile. You must understand both the morphology of a parasite ? the schistosome. It is a worm which lives in fresh water, snails and humans. You must also understand the human influences which caused this parasite to go from relative obscurity to a full blown epidemic. The passages are from a college text of mine called ?New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers,? by Desowitz. Sometimes funny, very informative, the vocab may challenge you. Do your best.
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