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Theory of multiple intelligences

Unit 7 AP Psychology

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UNIT 10/11 Personality- a person?s pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting Type A Personality Feel time pressure. Easily angered. Competitive and ambitious. Work hard and play hard. More prone to heart disease than rest of population. Type B Personality Relaxed and easygoing. But some people fit in neither type. Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality Fathered by Sigmund Freud. Idea of the Libido moving to different parts of our body. Stages of Psycho-Sexual Development Oral Anal Phallic (Oedipus Complex) Latent Genital Sigmund Freud had an iceberg theory for our personalities- ego, superego, and id Conscious- things we are aware of. Preconscious- things we can be aware of if we think of them. Unconscious- deep hidden reservoir that holds the true ?us?. All of our desires and fears.
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