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Tydings–McDuffie Act

ch 27 apush

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Chapter 27 Terms from notes Tydings-McDuffie Act ? Philippine independence, Malina Hoare-Laval Pact ? Britain and France soothing Mussolini Buenos Aires Conference ? Western hemisphere collaboration (war if threatened) Declaration of Lima ? absolute sovereignty of the American states Reciprocal Trade Agreement ? reduce tariffs Anti-Comintern Pact ? Germany, Japan, Italy Hitler wanted war on one front, Athenia sunk Declaration of Panama ? ?chastity? belt in Western Hemisphere Good Neighbor Policy ? Pan American Conference Cuban Relationship altered ? Batista Road to War America 1914-1917 ? Millis Nye Committee Johnson Debt Default Act ? banned loans to governments in default, not Finland Ludlow Amendment ? no war without public referendum, failed Panay sunk Japan
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