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Louis XIII of France

Chapter 15-16 Western Heritage

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Chapter 15 A.P Euro Adam Moore Henry of Navarre is the most important 1589- Bourbon Dynasty Henry IV became king- a Huguenot- converted to Catholicism to avoid problems Protected protestants by issuing the Edict of Nantes (1589) Catholic as official religion of state but?. Provided Religious tolerance Gave protestants equal rights w/ Catholics Allowed Huguenots to fortify their towns Henry IV proves he is not truly a catholic with the issuing of the Edict of Nantes Henry IV Accomplishments Restored Strength of French Monarchy Reduced Land Tax Reduced power of nobles by building bureaucracy Louis XIII- inherited throne from father 1610 King Henry IV assassinated for siding with Protestants over land disputes 9 years old SPAIN By 1500?s- Spain became first modern European power
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