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Sub-Saharan Africa

AP world the earth and its people Ch. 7

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AP World Ch. 7 Silk Road/ caravan routes connecting China and middle across central asia and iran; could not have functioned without pastoral nomads to provide animals, animal handlers, and protction. Parthians/ Iranian ruling dynasty btwn ca. 250 BC- 226 CE Zhang Jian/ made first exploratory journey across deserts and mts. of inner Asia for Emperor Wu Han China's NW frontier for purpose of gaining knowledge of nomad inhabited lands on China's NW frontier; brought alfalfa and wine grapes to China Traders coming from China carried fruits such as peaches and apricots Nomads were not unfamiliar w/ agriculture or unwilling to use products grown by farmers, but idea was self-sufficency; women oversaw breeding and birthing of livestock and fur preparation.


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