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BIO 1b plants 8

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Dr. Feldman?s Lecture Outlines - 12 Lecture 8, Shoots, primary structure -Shoot system -consists of leaves, branches, stems, flowers and fruits -Shoot apical meristem -established during embryogeny -responsible for extension growth -consist of leaf primordium (ia), bud primordia (ium) - protoderm ?> epidermis -ground meristem ?> pith and cortex -procambium ?> primary xylem and primary phloem -Shoot system as viewed in cross section -dicot -monocot -Axillary buds -Patterns and arrangements of leaves= phyllotaxis -Fibonacci series -When leaf arrangement was examined it was found that spirals could be drawn to connect up the leaves. The spirals could go both clock-wise and counter-clock- wise. The number of spirals running in the two directions is known as the Fi-
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