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BIO 1b plants 9

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Dr. Feldman?s Lecture Outlines - 13 Lecture 9, Shoots, secondary structure -Secondary growth responsible for increase in width -Results from the vascular cambium which is a lateral meristem. -produces seconday xylem = wood -produces secondary phloem = bark -Origin of the vascular cambium -how does it function? -fusiform initials = axial (up and down) system -ray initials = radial system -Rays -characteristics -Annual rings -Monocots lack a vascular cambium -how do they then increase in width? -The cork cambium -is another type of lateral meristem -produces cork -periderm = cork and associated layers -cork may arise in 2 ways. The first (and sometimes only cork cambium) arises in outer layers of cortex beneath epidermis. The second cork cambium arises in outer regions of
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