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Abstract art

20th C Art Movements, Powerpoint

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20th Century Art The post-impressionists can be further broken down into schools of art that began diverging enormously at the fin de sicle, the end of the 19th century. Fauvism These artists we have already experienced in our unit on the post-impressionists. They include Gaugin and Matisse. Fauvism refers to ?wild animals,? and this school is characterized by much use of primary colors and symbolism Expressionism Much of this art was created during an age of anxiety concerning the present and future, as militarism and unbridled imperialism strode across the globe?..the German artists began a school called Der Bruecke, the Bridge?.. Franz Marc ? Blue Horses Weimar Art Edvard Munch Art Deco-Art Nouveau Maxfield Parrish
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