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Ultraviolet radiation

The effect of UV light on bacteriophage

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Introduction: A bacteriophage is a virus which infects bacteria and have been of particular interest to scientists as vectors of horizontal gene transfer as well as the drivers of bacterial evolution, including as sources of diagnostic and genetic tools and novel therapeutic agents (Clokie et al., 2011). Just as with all viruses, bacteriophages are highly specific with regards to it?s host bacterium or it may only infect one species of bacteria (Kasman and Whitten, 2018).

Holt Earth Science Chapter 17, Section 17.2

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Composition of the Atmosphere Air is a mixture of many discrete gases with their own physical properties in which different quantities of tiny solid/liquid particles are suspended. A. Major Components Composition of air varies depending on the time and place. If H20 Vapor, dust, and other variables were removed from the atmosphere, the makeup is very stable worldwide for an altitude of ~ 80 km. Ni and O2 make up 99% of clean, dry air. They are the most plentiful components, and important to life, but do not affect weather much. The remaining 1% is mostly Argon (0.93%) and other tiny quantities of many other gases. B. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
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