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Goods economics)

APUSH Chp. 11 Rise of King Cotton

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Short-staple Cotton: - Hardier/coarser, but easier to grow, more versatility in location and soil - Previously not sued due to difficult of processing (seeds hard to remove from fiber) ? Solved by cotton gin (1793) - Growing demand for cotton ? 1820s and 1830s Britain ? 1840s and 1850s New England - Production moved further west from Southeast Coast - 1850s, cotton the linchpin of southern economy ? 1860s (civil war) , 2/3 of total export trade of US Booming cotton production in Deep South/lower South/cotton kingdom: - Migration of settlers (majority small slaveholders and slaveless farmers) - "Second Middle Passage" 1840 - 1860 huge forced migration of slaves from upper South to lower South/cottons states
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