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ap world history 3rd edition chapter 8 Islam outline notes outlines note

the earth and its peoples (ap/3rd edition) chapter 8 outline

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Veronika Morrison Chapter 8 Notes ~ The Rise of Islam, 600-1200 The Origins of Islam The Arabian peninsula on the edge of the desert was home to the Arabs (600 C.E.). Arabs were often sought out for protection by other peoples. The Byzantines and Sasanids were two groups who used the Arabs for protection. Some lands in which the Arabs were isolated were the birthplace of Islam. The Arabian Peninsula Before Muhammad The ?Empty Quarter? desert was the desert that isolated hidden Arabian lands from other peoples. Mecca was a caravan city that became a pilgrimage site because of it?s prohibition on killing and the fact that the Ka?ba (a shrine) was located there. The Ka?ba was associated with Jewish and Christian stories. (Abraham built Ka?ba)
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