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insertion point

Muscle and Gland Cheat Sheet

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Additional Info Origin Insertion Point Action Latissimus Dorsi A broad muscle around the sides of the thoracic area Lumbar vert. & last few of thoracic vert. Proximal end if the humerus Moves forelimb dorsally & caudally Trapezius Broad muscle above & covering the cranio-dorsal edge of Latissimus Dorsi From the occipital bone & first 10 Thoracic vert. Spine of scapula Moves scapula medially Deltoids Muscles that cover the should girdle Spine of scapula Anterior ridge of the humerus Flexes the humerus Int. & Ext. Oblique Broad muscles covering entire lateral ab. area Caudal ribs & from the Lumbodorsal Fascia Onto an Apo neurosis ? Linea Alba Constructs abdomen Biceps Femoris Broad muscle covering most of the caudal half of the lat. Upper hind limb
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