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women's roles

AP World History Gender Charts

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Civilization Dates Role of Women Themes Mesopotamia 8000 to 2000 BCE Neolithic Era 3000 to 2350 BCE Sumerians 2350 to 2230 BCE Akkadian (Semitics) 1500 to 1150 BCE Kassites Women did most of the gathering and foraging while the men hunted animals They were given the responsibilities of cooking and childbearing, but they were also knowledgeable because of this Theme 1, Theme 2, Theme 5 Egypt 2575 to 2134 BCE Old Kingdom 2040 to 1640 BCE Middle Kingdom 1532 to 1070 BCE New Kingdom Royal woman of the noble family were shown with dignity and grace but still inferior to men Women were painted with yellow flesh to emphasize their place indoors Women could manage property and pertained rights in a marriage
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