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ch 10 APWH study aid notes

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Ch 10 Study Aid Notes. Extensive Agriculture Requires limited labor inputs or is spread across large areas of land or both. Staple Crop A crop that is produced in large to feed whole civilizations and societies. Mixed Farming Multiple crops and animals existing on a single farm to provide diverse nutritional intake and non-food items. General Farming Another name for mixed farming. Food Preservation Drying, pickling, storing, refrigerating, and cooking food. Specialized Crops sprout out from this idea. Plantation Crops. Plantation Crops Countries Banana Brazil, Dominica, Costa Rica, Honduras Cane Sugar US (Florida), Brazil, Cuba, China Coffee Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, US Tea Sri Lanka, India, China, Thailand Rubber

Biomass Powerpoint

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Biomass ? Organic Matter One of our oldest energy sources. Gets energy from the sun-photosynthesis Renewable Three types are used today Wood and agriculture products Solid Waste Landfill gas and biogas What is it? ? How Does it Work? ? Mainly used for Electricity - 14% Heat- 1/10th of homes Fuels - 15% Industrial - 55% What Does it Do? ? Can be sustainable Paper and saw mills But? Like anything can be overused Cost How Realistic is it? ? Promising Comes from many different sources Usually our waste Can be used for a lot Has a few disadvantages Releases carbon dioxide Future? ? What is the purpose that biomass is used for the most? Where does biomass get its energy from? Is biomass better environmentally and economically than coal? How?
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