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Reality therapy

Psychology Comps Study Guide

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What to Expect: The comp exam is 50 multiple choice questions covering the following areas: Practice 40% (20 questions) HBSE 20% (10 questions) Assessment/Diagnosis 17% (8-9 questions) Research/Evaluation 6% (3 questions) Policy 6% (3 questions) Ethics 5% (2-3 questions) History 3% (1-2 questions) Diversity 3% (1-2 questions) Practice/ HBSE Theory Psychodynamic Approach (A*K*A: Psychoanalytical Therapy) Founder: Sigmund Freud Three Distinct Structures of the Personality: ???? ID: (primary) irrational thinking, immediate gratification, not willing to compromise, unconscious ???? Ego (secondary): rational thinking, conscious, logical ???? Superego (Balance): Guide Moral Development
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