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The Cradle of Civilization The Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt

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Week 3: The Cradle of Civilization: The Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt The Neolithic Revolution 28,000 years ago: the Cro-Magnon people pushed into Europe and outcompeted the Neanderthals Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals also occupied the Middle East Homo Sapiens also outcompeted Neanderthals there and left only modern humans Humans (Natufians) lived in and around the Mediterranean Sea in modern day Jordan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Imam Known as the Levant Until 13,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens were hunters/gatherers living in small groups spreading across broad expanses of territory Relied on equality and group consensus Lives were highly uncertain because of food insecurity No way to store food in large quantities Food was also scarce
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