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bank of the united states

U.S. History timelines (Slavery, Bank of the United States, Growth of the US, Civil War Battles, Supreme Court Cases)

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Semester exam timelines Growth of the u.s. map -1803- Louisiana purchase- Louisiana territory and west florida -convention of 1818- northern boundary of Louisiana territory- 49th parallel from lake of woods to rocky mountains -1819- Adams-onis/step-boundary/transcontinental treaty- florida, gained a claim to Oregon but gave up a claim to texas -1842- webster-ashburton treaty- set boundary of maine, and great lakes to lake of woods -1845- texas annexed by joint resolution -1846- buchanan-packenham treaty- 49th parallel extended from rockies to coast. -1848- treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo- texas boundary=rio grande, Mexican cession (NM, CA) -1853- Gadsden purchase- southern section or Arizona and new mexico Slavery controversy Pre-constitution Northwest ordinance- no slavery
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