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Works of Art Chapter 2

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Title: Modern Warka Date: 3200-3000 BCE Culture/Period: Sumerian Context: temple Patron: temple was to Anu but work did not have a patron Artist: Materials: mud bricks 4 stories above street level Bottom base is a ziggurat Temple (worship to gods) is on top Religious and government purposes Select leaders were only allowed to go to the temple Title: Modern Tell Asmar Date: 2700 BCE Culture/Period: Sumerian Context: hold beakers for religious rites, symbolized constant praying, votive offering Found underneath floorboards in a temple Patron: Artist: 2 ? feet War Side Title: Tell Muqayyar, STANDARD OF UR Date: 2600 BCE Culture/Period: Sumerian Context: Patron: Artist: Found in a tomb in a royal cemetery Materials: lapis lazuli and red limestone Peace Side
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