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Prehistoric India

Ways of the world

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Copyright ? 2011 by Bedford/St. Martin?s Robert Strayer Ways of the World A Brief Global History with Sources First Edition CHAPTER 3 First Civilizations: Cities, States, and Unequal Societies 3500 B.C.E.?500 B.C.E. Something New: The Emergence of Civilizations (pgs. 86-93) Introducing the First Civilizations The Question of Origins An Urban Revolution Monday Tuesday The Erosion of Equality (pgs. 94-98) Hierarchies of Class Hierarchies of Gender Patriarchy in Practice Wednesday The Rise of the State (pgs. 99-103) Coercion and Consent Writing and Accounting The Grandeur of Kings Thursday Comparing Mesopotamia and Egypt (pgs. 103-112) Environment and Culture Cities and States Interaction and Exchange Reflections: ?Civilization?: What?s in a Word?
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