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Proprietary colony

America Past and Present Ch. 2 Outline

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Chapter 2 Outline Colonies I. Breaking away A. population growth in England 1. 1580-1650 3.5 mil to 5 mil. strain on agrarian economy 2. food prices rose 3. Migrant workers (peasants) took to road to find work 4. wandering poor threatened social order of the ?propertied? class a.propertied class wanted enforcement of vagrancy laws 5. workers go to London a. unhealthy conditions in city (London) led to many deaths B. migrations by English 1. Holland-Pilgrims looking for religious freedom 2. Ireland 3. some chose to go to America C. Why did they migrate to America? 1.religious freedom a.quote on pg 34 2. owning land and better social position a. Primogeniture laws gave all land to oldest son 3. escape from bad marriages, jail, poverty D. Political upheaval on the throne
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