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What Political Party Do You Align Yourself With?

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Pretty straight forward. I consider myself to be an independent, but leaning to the conservative side of things. A little libertarian in me, too.

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political parties... hafta say I don't like them. I was part of the American Communist Party for a few years though

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eh...i'm a democrat. while i understand that we should respect authority. his delivery of speeches and his articulation...kind of...>_<;; heh. and i dunno. also in his inaugural speech, i didn't listen to the whole thing but i heard that he proposed to tax the "richer people" which i'm okay with, however, his campaign earlier on was LOWER taxes for EVERYONE. so i feel like he reneged on his own plan. Oh and abortion rights and gay marriage rights are important for me. while i am not having a homosexual relationship, nor an abortion, to take away our choices kind of seems like an infringement on my rights as an american.

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Defineatly Republican

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Chase wrote:wow this is funny, Armando chill....Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, hence the forum.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion, yes, but not everybody is entitled to state their opinion on private forums. If an admin or moderator thinks a post is to offensive, then we fix it. Just doing our jobs. This part of the discussion is done. Thank you.

Course Notes Moderation Team

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Does that mean I can't talk anymore? That's upsetting. Why is "not everybody" able to post on private forums? Are we being discriminatory? or should I shut up? ;)

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soozin wrote:Does that mean I can't talk anymore? That's upsetting. Why is "not everybody" able to post on private forums? Are we being discriminatory? or should I shut up? ;)

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Ok please realize that both the Democrats and the Republicans voted for the war in Iraq. In some cases the democrats wanted the war more than the Republicans.

Also, the conservative and liberal parties aren't listed. Democrat is something different than liberal as Republican is sometihng different from conservative. The are many liberal republicans and many conservative democrats. Many people here are saying they are democrats and then stating liberal reason. It's kinda irking me because it's not showing a real representation of parties.

Republicans believe in less government control. They believe in lower taxes FOR EVERYONE and less government run programs and organizations. Republiucan Policy is different form Conservative.

Conservative policy is basically what it says. And Liberal policy is the complete opposite of this, abortion, gay marriage, gun control, etc.

Democrat Policy is similar to Socialism. It involves issuing higher taxes TO EVERYONE and using the tax money in similar to socialist programs such as government subsidizing and government organizations, etc.

I align myself with the Republican Party because it it seems to give a much more practical look on economics. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the revolution in China's communist system I am thouroughly convinced that socialism does not work. Democrat policy seems a little too similar to socialism. You work during the day, are taxed heavily, and recieve many government services. Although it may sound like a good thing, it isn't. The government services created are similar to monopolies. You have to freedom of choice when it comes to them because you have to pay them anyway through taxes. A clear example of this in a city transportation system. Recently in New York City, there was a huge fare hike in buses, trains, bridges, etc. When this happened nothing could be done about it. We couldn't just say that we would find another way because all forms of public transportation are controlled by the government and if we decided to take private transportation we would still have to fares on bridges, tunnels, checkpoints, etc. Big government and Bureacracy tends to be inefficient and in many cases dangerous. I.E. Nazi Germani and Communist Soviet Union. Republicans feel that people, rather than government, should have the money. This money then gets spent more efficiently on the services and products needed. It will provide for larger economic growth and in the end everyone gets what they earned.

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I've got to say moderate Conservative/Republican. This is mainly because of my views on abortion, gay marriage, and my views on government power. Besides, Democratic policies are far too close to socialism. For those of you that say it's a good thing, read your history textbook. ;) Socialism looks great on paper, but it simply does not work in reality.

As for the bit about respecting the president, I agree with APFaq. I mean, people need to back the (insert 4 letter word of choice here) off him. He's been elected twice now, so the majority of the country obviously thinks he's doing a better job than anyone else could. Imagine how you'd feel, getting up in the morning and seeing your popularity with the country. People our age worry about whether or not they're considered cool by around a thousand other people. He's under criticism 24/7 by millions, and that's just the minority.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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I felt a bit sorry for the president, with his rates dropping as low as they are, but then I remember that he's the reason we're still in Iraq and I completely lost my sympathy. Link, your saying that we need to "back the (insert 4 letter word of choice here) off him" implies that we are overly critical. Yet the president of the United States is the figurehead for millions of people; are we not right to make sure he reprisents us fairly? for us to "back off him" would be to lower our standards--allow for still more mistakes-- and the would be a poor decision, don't you think?

Being the President of the United States implies high-stress; Bush knew that when he signed up for the job. His taking the second term confirms that he thinks he can take it, and that mindset, when separate from the others, is admirable. If you think that he's so capable then he can probably take care of himself without mothering and pampering from the entire republican party.

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Quote:I felt a bit sorry for the president, with his rates dropping as low as they are

You have to be able to recognize misleading polls when you see them. Most of the media is liberal and does not support the war. So when you see the "support of the war has dropped to 45%" then you have to make sure you look at the poll source. Everytime I do I see somethuing like this poll cam from 38% republicans, 51% democrats, and 11% independent.

Quote:but then I remember that he's the reason we're still in Iraq and I completely lost my sympathy
He was not the only one that supported the war. Support came from both democrats and republicans from the senate. Everyone stated that there were WMD's in Iraq , even Clinton in 1998. Clinton even said that he would support a forceful regime change in Iraq.


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